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after all. the details straight ahead. >> head of state intourist. president obama in beijing today. that story coming up. >> a sarah palin is promoting her new book. we want to know what you think if she is using this book as a prelude to a presidential run. that is our watercooler question of the day. >> 11 news starts right now. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >> good morning. >> thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> it will get a little cooler the next couple of days, but it is not bad weather. we will chop down into the 50's today. let's take a look at the current conditions under partly cloudy skies. 50 degrees at the maryland science center the average height is 56. a couple degrees above normal. a bit of a change from yesterday however. us see what is happening in the traffic department. >> we have one problem coming in. a southbound on the j.f.x.. the accident is creating a bit of a delay on the beltway. we have to rhineland's closed. you may want to take an alternate road. it i
>> in washington, a year ago today, america voted barack obama as president. a year later, a possible setback for the president. >> time to start planning for the weekend. the forecast as to 11 news today continues right now. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >> good morning. >> thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> we would get to other big stories in just a moment. thus check the forecast with tony pann. >> [unintelligible] it is called this morning, but i think it will be a very nice weekend. sunrise is the best time of the day when it is crisp and clear like that. beautiful shot there. it is crisp but cold and clear. he may have to scrape some frost off your windshield. 33 at the airport. shooting for a high of a 55. it should stay dry near baltimore. there may be summer rain showers late this afternoon. we will look at the forecast for the weekend when we come back in a few minutes. let's say good morning to sarah. >> that was a beautiful shot. here is what we are dealing wi
the latest. >> as president obama continues his asian tour, more discussions on capitol hill. officials including vice president joe biden and tom care bill. he has enough to start debate though cautiously optimistic. >> we will come up with a bill that we feel comfortable with and give to the american people. >> they are meeting with senate democrats to discuss the biey ae democrats to discuss the bill which could be unveiled as early as today. it includes several changes, such as a new proposal for long-term insurance program to assist the elderly and disabled. many gop are opposed. >> the public is saying that they do not want any more bills that are 2000 pages. >> the vote could come as early as this friday. in washington, nikole killion, wbal-tv. coming up, the mornings financial news in a bloomberg business report. >> which new cars are the safest on the road? we will bring you the results of a new report in the consumer alert. >> the ravens give their place- kicker the boot. >> he did not want to give your car the boot. what is in store for the first snowfall of the season. we ar
of deliberations in the sheila dixon trial. >> in washington, president obama plans to lay out his new strategy in afghanistan. that story coming up. >> what kind of weather can we expect as we make our way around the state and country around the holiday? the forecast as 11 news today continues right now. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >> good morning. >> thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> let's get a check on our forecast. an important weather forecast today because a lot of people are traveling. >> i would check ahead to see if there are any flight delays at the airport. any of the local airports, you should check them. upper 50's which is not bad for this time of year. we will make it up to 55. a chance we may have that light rain or drizzle throughout the morning. speaking of the roads, we will send it over to sarah to see which she has to say. >> it is the busiest travel day of the year. we anticipate problems out there. an accident on 895. all lanes are closed on the ramp. use caution ther
board as president obama looks for new options when it comes to sending troops into afghanistan. >> a daredevil sky diver set a world record and then moments later he was dead. >> the tide is expected to be well above normal. a live report is just ahead. >> ms out of there. that could translate into major problems on the roadway. problems on the roadway. we but no drink? no chips? and no chance to win madden nfl 10? man, that's roughing the wallet. now this is the total package. two pieces of kentucky grilled chicken, a side, biscuit, and a madden nfl cup. you catch all that? you know i did. colonel -- i'm a fan. still think a $5 sub is a great deal? get the $5 madden nfl box. choose from 6 kfc favorites... with a side and a madden nfl cup. now i'm a full back. unthink... and taste the unsub side of kfc. >> 45 degrees in the downtown area. >> a nasty morning. it began as a tropical storm and now it is in no easter. >> it is causing concern in low- lying areas. sander joins us with more on that. >> i am here and the western side of the bay where eight flood watch is up. the tide
time it was done was 1999. >> another check on weather and traffic straight ahead. >> president obama meets with his war council. has he made a decision as to whether to add more troops? that decision coming up. >> they look at the winning lottery numbers from last night. >> the morning, checking on your morning commute. but the book is going on out there. no volume related delays. take edmondson due to water main break repairs. butler road at route 30, traffic lights are out at the busy intersection. use caution. they live view of traffic. harford county, so far so good. enjoyed a quiet ride despite the boats are slick. use caution. 95 looking good. that is the latest. here is sandra giving as a good way to commemorate veteran's day with an art auction. >> it is an art auction taking place tonight. it is at the church of the redeemer. some of the artwork that will be auctioned off is done by the residence here. this is a fine piece here. there is a silent auction and a live auction. plenty of food is on hand. $20 kit you in the door. live music as well. check it out. something fun to
this morning where president obama will meet with his economic advisors in just a few hours. >> when president obama hears from his private economic experts this morning, they'll no doubt mention today's new numbers on pending home sales. construction spending. manufacturing. and the weekend bankruptcy of c.i.t. that company finances more than half the retail industry, helping 300,000 stores pay for the product you buy. c.i.t.'s chapter 11 filing shows the economy is still hurting. >> our work is not yet done. we are digging ourselves out of a hole, and we've begun to pull ourselves back from the brink. >> but the obama administration insists stimulus money is working. we'll find out friday when the government reports how many jobs were lost in october. economists expect 175,000. the administration is focusing on jobs saved. >> when the city doesn't have to fire a fireman and it can keep teachers in the classroom, cops on the streets, firemen in the firehouse, that's a job saved. >> but republicans say there's really no way to calculate that. >> i would hope that we've seen some economic growt
'm brook hart in washington. president obama begins three days in china promoting free expression. that story coming up. >> mayor sheila dixon's felony theft trial resumes this morning. we'll have a preview of what's expected. >> it feels more like spring weather than fall. how much longer will we be able to enjoy it? the insta-weather plus forecast as 11 news today continues right now. [captioning made possible by constellation energy] captioned by the national captioning institute -- www.ncicap.org -- >> good monday morning. i'm mindy basara. >> and i'm stan stovall. thanks for joining us nor put it put it. -- for 11 news today. >> we deserved yesterday. didn't we? after days of rain. >> after the nor'easter, rain, wind, all of that stuff. yes, that's a good way to look at it. we did deserve it. we're going to keep it for the most part today. we're going to take off 10 degrees, but when it was 72 yesterday and you take off 10 today, still good. not a whole lot to talk about on this monday morning. just a little fog. some high, thin clouds. temperatures upper 40's and low 50's. m
president obama's first year in office. >> virginia and new jersey could both turner read today. both states voted obama last -- today. both states voted obama last year. in virginia, the republican came from behind and has a double- digit lead. the democrat is walking a tightrope trying to win obama supporters but also distancing himself. >> i am my own guy. >> both democrats. backlash could work against them. in upstate new york, and republican dropped out and endorsed the democrat against the conservative candidate. and maine is trying to determine same sex law. washington is watching these races very closely. voter frustration is attributed to the millions of people who cannot find a job. wbal-tv. >> the stillness of a tiny rebel was transformed overnight with a dazzling display -- tiny river in thailand -- thailand river was transformed overnight with a dazzling display of lights and fireworks. >> when we talked about the story earlier, i thought you said rats. >> i did not say that. >> coming up in the next half- hour of 11 news today. >> police are changing their tactics in some women
- show empress and obama supporter oprah winfrey. sarah palin is promoting her new book. she taped the interview yesterday, covering the pridie of topics -- covering a variety of topics, including the interview with katie couric. >> was it a defining moment for you? >> i did not see it that way. the campaign told me i was showing my independence and that it was a good interview. i knew it was not a good interview. >> see the interview when it airs monday on wbal-tv. >> if you missed "today" yesterday, despite a moment when deidre shores, age 12, learned she won the kid reporter contest. >> todyou are the winner. >> you are our kids reporter winner. >> stop playing with me. stop playing with me. >> you are the winner. >> stop playing with me. >> oh, my god! [applause] >> you just broke my eardrums. >> she exploded. >> monday she will have her first report on "the today show after 11 news today. >> my ears are still ringing. 50 degrees on tv hill. here's what is coming up next half-hour. >> baltimore city police that the murder suspect that brutalized a young boy. details next. >> i
obama may be making a decision about the afghan war. >> the american people want the president to take the time to get the decision right rather than make a hasty decision. >> following months of deliberation, he has been considering a number of troop options. one has requested 40,000 forces. a middle option ranges around 20,000 could be more likely. >> it is not just how we get people there but what is the>> administration officials say the generals could testify before congress as early as next week. the president will have to convince allies. he is hosting a visit with the prime minister of india who is an important part of that region. >> [unintelligible] >> president obama and the prime minister are expected to talk more about cooperation on counterterrorism as it relates >> not a whole lot of volume. the rain is playing a role. down through edmondson. a crash still clearing at water view. avoid harpers farm in colombia. an accident at i-97. 895, an accident off to the side. no lanes of travel blocked. in life few of a delay at liberty road due to rain and volume. sandra schaub is
. the president and first lady michelle obama are expected to attend. the sniper is expected to be executed today. he is responsible for the d.c. maryland's viper attacks. it will be the 99th execution done by lethal injection. >> it was a terrorizing three weeks during october 2002 when the smoke cleared from the killing spree, 10 had been killed in four states including alabama and louisiana and six people were wounded. both mohamad and -- both muhammad and malvo were sentenced. one to live and the other to death. according to the virginia department of corrections, the death chamber was completed in april 1991 and 98 executions by electrocution or lethal injection have occurred in the building which is located in the rear of the prison. muhammad was given a choice of how he wanted to die. he would not say. under virginia law, it defaults to lethal injection. he has appealed his death sentence to the u.s. supreme court and to the governor. the u.s. supreme court refused to block the execution and not comment as to why. his only chance of beating the death penalty now is his bid to the governor.
again. economists believe the an obama's rate climbed to just under 10% last month. banks are selling better than expected improvement in labor cost. the dow jones made its biggest advance since july. the bloomberg maryland index is looking good as well. the legg mason co. will begin buying toxic assets of banks under government subsidized program like a bethesda based company, obtaining the funds from private investors. if this is an effort by the treasury to further spur real- estate loans to mortgage-backed securities which have lost value over the past years and are weighing down bank balance sheets. jane king reporting. >> if you are one woman in south korea try to get your driver's license, keep trying. 949 *. after 950 attempts, the transportation officials said the unnamed woman has finally passed a written driver's exam. she has already spent $4,200 it and nearly daily attempts to pass the test. she's not out of the woods yet. she still has to pass the driving skills test. >> everybody should hide. we wish her the best of luck. 6:19 is the time. another check on the weather a
a significant increase -- president obama is expected to announce a significant troop increase. early reports suggest troops will be deployed over the next year na. at least one republican says that staggered strategy is the wrong approach. >> that's reminiscent of vietnam, that slow escalation. it didn't work there. you need put in everybody you can, as quickly as you can, and deliver a knockout punch to the enemy. >> there's also controversy over how to fund the surge. some democrats want to tax the wealthy to pay for the war while one republican recommends saving money by holding off on health care reform. >> today the tapping of keyboards could drown out the sound of cash registers. it's the day americans hunt down cyber monday shopping deals and retailers hope to extend the important weekend for their bottom line. brook hart is in washington with that. >> for many today it's goodbye to the crowded malls, hello internet. >> it has been tough to go out with work and the kids. >> almost a hundred million americans are expected to take their wallets online today. >> for the retailer who's tr
30 others wounded in that shooting at the texas army base. president and mrs. obama will attend a memorial service at fort hood tomorrow. meanwhile, the f.b.i. is looking into possible ties that the accused gunman, major nidal hasan, may have had with two of the 9/11 hijackers as the three all attended the same virginia mosque where a radical imam once preached. and we are learning more about the maryland servicewoman who was among the victims of the fort hood tragedy. 55-year-old lieutenant colonel juanita warman was a military physician and member of the army reserves. she worked in maryland for the department of veterans affairs before being transferred to fort hood. >> she was instrumental in developing a program for women who have returned from deployment. >> lieutenant colonel warman is survived by two sisters, two daughters and six grandchildren. >> washington moves on to part two of health care reform this week. the house passed a plan over the weekend to get almost everyone insured. now a new fight starts in the senate. 11 news reporter tracy potts has the details. >> t
:43. you can see it right here. >> this 45 pound turkey was obama guest today. had a different fate. the bird is in orlando florida where he will be grand marshal in the parade at disney world. the president shook hands and handed out pumpkin pies. the first lady gave up frozen vegetables. the girls handed canned food and stuffing. the grandmother handled the frozen turkey. >> some people in massachusetts hazard. around this area in boston. it is thankful is not sitting on on somebody's plate. it made it to safety. >> the 12 jurors determining the fate of mayor sheila dixon will spend four days away from thea verdict still us not been reached. hoping to end things before the holidays. >> the jury went home without a they are taking a for daybreak. that is a concern because of the land of it. they should follow the rules not to discuss the case over the holiday break, read about that or listen to the news. also they received permission to look at them feel transcript testimony of three witnesses, a developer who provided $1,000 worth of gift cards which the mayor is accused of steali
that crashed the obamas'steak dinner. their lawyer says they did nothing wrong. also, the mad dash with bargains on black friday. it is today the best day for deals? what you want to know before hitting the stores. also, a surprising group americans taking part in sex ting. that's friday morning on "today." >> another look at the weather and traffic together just ahead >> the traffic is almost as heavy as a regular business day with black friday shoppers. >> looks like things are ok as far as the major roadways. aside from one accident. southbound 95 approaching 195. a vehicle is off into the woods, but it may cause a lane closure when the total arrives. let's show you 95 north of 195. that's the thing of the crash. looks like it's not causing delays. the rest of the major roadways are in great shape. they might be trying out a little. >> most of the rain is over the eastern shore right now. most of the rain in baltimore has moved east. you guys will cease and ran for a while on the eastern shore. off and on rain showers today will happen with a few light snow showers in the mounta
. if it still needs senate approval. the obama administration endorsed it. a congressional budget office says the senate health-care bill would cut the federal deficit by $130 billion in the first decade. if it would create new government competition for private insurance companies and cover almost all americans. now to the market. stocks plunged yesterday, extending a global slump. locally, your bloomberg merrill lynch index also fell with under armor, what you're leading decliners. big stocks to watch today, discovery communications. this maryland company is the future hall of oprah winfrey's future cable channel. -- the future home. she will be announcing that she will end her current live talk show today. >> oprah winfrey says she is almost ready to end her reign. she will announce today that her syndicated show will air its final episode on september 9, 2011. that would be the end of her 25th season. many believe she will take her show on to her own cable channel that goes on line in january 2011. she will make the announcement on tv 11 at 4:00. >> i think she's a ravens fan. >> she wear
become the party of "no." >> the stakes are monumental for president obama. he said, when it comes to health care, families cannot afford no change. >> we have an obligation to create a better health-care system that works for our people, businesses, and government alike. person on friday to try to close the deal for democrats. their plan would expand coverage at the expense of medicare. >> still ahead, the bloomberg business report with financial news. >> and an officer is caught on tape taser ringgit teenager. >> they are still celebrating in the bronx as the new york yankees' spring home the 27 world series trophy. we will have the highlights. >> a chilly in quiet start this morning. >> we will tell you about some closures in the city for your morning commute. >> a beautiful shot of the downtown area. 46 degrees at the maryland science center. clear skies which means no trouble for the commute and leased out of the weather department. we will see what's there has to say. some precipitation of the mountains. about 30% chance of showers popping up. these guys are basically clear o
stories this morning. tough talk from president obama on north korea and iran. the president said the u.s. is discussing new punishments against iran for not halting its nuclear weapons pursuits. a u.s. envoy will travel for the first bilateral talks since he took office. the judge sided with home owners suing the corps saying poor oversight of the mississippi gluffle outlet led to flooding. it could open the floodgates for other lawsuits and give future plaintiffs a better shot of proving their claims. a bus apparently ran off the road near austin. it was returning from a casino in iowa. the cause of the accident is still under investigation. >> this morning this morning's consumer alert. forget flu vaccine shortages. this is a real national emergency here. america is running low on eggo waffles. production has been shut down at one of the plants. combine that with non-flooding related equipment programs with the largest eggo bakery in tennessee and you have cooked up a nationwide shortage. rest assured, we will not lego this story until the crisis is resolved. california is staying st
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